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App.Config Transform
App.Config and log4net.config Transform. In advance, App.Debug.config, App.Main.config, App.Hotfix.config, App.Release.config, log4net.Debug.config, log4net.Main.config, log4net.Hotfix.config, log4net.Release.config is available. log4net.config file will be included in the clickonce publish.
A tasty little treat that turns your objects into query strings. (a.k.a. Objects baked into a URLs)
GeoJSON for Entity Framework 5 Spatial Data and WKT
GeoJSON for EntityFramework is a .net library that allows you to create GeoJSON output from EntityFramework Spatial Data or WKT inputs. In other words, It serializes different type of geometry objects to GeoJSON. It's not limited to only EF entities but It can serialize WKT inputs as well.... More information
Collects events and allows a javascript to transform them into different events written back to the log. This package supports Seq 3.3+. Install the 1.x version of this package for compatibility with earlier versions of Seq.
Executes all of your config transforms on build to streamline your delivery process
A library for customizable parsing of markdown documents and transforming into other formats. Install this package to include all Descript.io subpackages (Core, Parser, Transform) This package contains the Fluent API as well as the Factory API for Descript.io
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  • transform xml
A simple wrapper around the MSBuild TransformXml task from Visual Studio 2015.
SlowCheetah urbanhusky's per-user transform fork
Fork of SlowCheetah with additional per-user (and configuration) transformations. For per-user transform, name your transform-file like {file}.{configuration}.{username}.{extension}. For example: App.Debug.urbanhusky.config. Per-user transformations are applied after per-configuration... More information