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BundleTransformer.Packer contains one minifier-adapter for minification of JS code - `EdwardsJsMinifier`. `EdwardsJsMinifier` is based on the Dean Edwards' Packer (http://dean.edwards.name/packer/) version 3.0. As a JS engine is used the JavaScript Engine Switcher library... More information
BundleTransformer.Hogan contains one translator-adapter - `HoganTranslator` (supports the Hogan (http://twitter.github.io/hogan.js) version 3.0.2). This adapter makes translation of Mustache templates to JS code. Also contains the `HoganAssetHandler` debugging HTTP handler, which is responsible for... More information
BundleTransformer.NUglify contains two minifier-adapters: `NUglifyCssMinifier` (for minification of CSS code) and `NUglifyJsMinifier` (for minification of JS code). These adapters perform minification by using the NUglify (https://github.com/xoofx/NUglify).