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Uses very simple CSS-style theme file to alter class properties. Property values must match parameters for a constructor of the property type. Colors come from the System.Drawing.KnownColors enum. Example: @vals { myFont: Segoe UI, 9.0, Regular; } @modules { //Default is... More information
fs4charp is functional style for C# and provides a library of types and functions to enable a more functional C# code design.
Helping style challenged developers blunder into awesomeness. Adds a new Layout, Grids, editor templates, HTML5Boilerplate and HTML5 attributes.
This is a Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF) control which encapsulates the MS Outlook NavigationPanel functionality. It fully supports WPF styling, so you can stylize it by your own graphical preferences, if you are an artist deep in your hearth. It comes with a default style wich is more like... More information
This is a starter kit for creating a Style Guide for your MVC application. This kit was created as a code sample for the article On Creating a Live Style Guide for MVC Application Development (Simple-Talk.com).