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SeriesIDParserCore - Parses series or movie strings to detailed object (.Net Core Edition)
For full .Net support check SeriesIDParser (https://www.nuget.org/packages/SeriesIDParser/) Supported By JetBrains (https://www.jetbrains.com) Parses series or movie strings to detailed object. Input: "Knight.Rider.S01E01E02.Die.grosse.Duerre.German.DVDRip.AAC.XviD-c0nFuSed.mkv" The output would... More information
FsLab is a single package that gives you all you need for doing data science with F#. FsLab includes explorative data manipulation library, type providers for easy data access, simple charting library, support for integration with R and numerical computing libraries. All available in a single... More information
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  • gorilla time series
A .NET implementation of Facebook's Gorilla time series compression algorithm
OMDB_API_Wrapper is an easy-to-use RESTful API wrapper/client for the Open Movie Database API (http://www.omdbapi.com/). This API wrapper focuses on being simple to use, efficient and respects the terminology used in the OMDB API documentation.