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A c# library for generating test data, offering the option to randomize an object or customize randomization strategies
Fake Text Generator
Create dummy text or names reminding real ones. This library works by analyzing real texts , and can be used to geneate texts in various languages (or, rather, code pages - it does not generate real words).
An indiscriminate data generator that will generate random data for all properties in a given class based on the property's type vs. its name. Examples can be found on the wiki: https://github.com/Schandlich/Fibber/wiki
Mersenne Twister
This portable class library provides Mersenne Twister PRNGs; Mersenne Twister (MT): - MT19937ar, MT19937ar-cok, MT19937ar-cok-opt - MT19937-64, MT19937-64-opt SIMD-oriented Fast MT (SFMT): - SFMT-19937, SFMT-opt-19937 Double precision SFMT (dSFMT): - dSFMT-19937, dSFMT-opt-19937 - dSFMT-opt-gen-*... More information