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Nativement, le Framework .NET 4 et SharePoint 2013 fournissent un ensemble de fonctionnalités utiles. "AreaProg Framework" permet d'étendre cela en fournissant des méthodes d'extension permettant de faciliter le développement en .NET et SharePoint. La partie SharePoint de ce Framework se focalise... More information
Evolving AnyValue to use statics instead. Previous methos have been deprecated.
This is a Visual Studio plugin that will help you replace use of "var" in your C# code with the actual type name.
TypeNameFormatter provides some extension methods that can be used instead of Type.ToString() to format a type's name the way it would look in C#: * StringBuilder.AppendFormattedName(Type, [TypeNameFormatOptions]) * Type.GetFormattedName([TypeNameFormatOptions]) See the README at the project's... More information
Defining email addresses, distances, phone numbers, etc. as separate semantic types lets you use the C# or VB type system to catch bugs during compilation.
CType makes it easy to create .NET types, including table formatting and SQL wrappers.