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  • DataBase Meta OMeta
OMeta 是一个关系型数据库元数据信息获取工具,把数据库->表->列,主键、外键、索引、默认值、备注、存储过程、函数、视图等抽象为对象,易于供代码生成工具生成代码使用。
A class library containing a collection of funny and/or usefull attributes to brighten up every developers code. Why use '//' when you can write [Magic] or [BossMadeMeDoIt]?
xZune.Vlc.Lib include all files of LibVlc. You can use this dlls for xZune.Vlc and xZune.Vlc.Wpf. LibVlc Version: 2.2.0-xZune Weatherwax