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Pacote de metodos extensiveis para agilizar na validação e manipulação de strings como mascaras, validação de um CPF ou de um CNPJ, Verificar se determinado string contem apenas digitos entre outras funcionalidades. COntamos com sua contribuição no GITHUB
A simple string (only) masking algorithm that hides a readable string value inside a data capsule using a generated key. Generated data capsules will only be opened using the same key that was used to create them.
This is a tool to convert all kinds of ip address,like 32bit,long,ip range,ip/mask. IP地址转换工具。IP地址 <-> 长整型;IP地址段 <-> IP地址+掩码
Aspose.PSD for .NET provides extensive manipulation capabilities for PSD and PSB file formats without requiring Adobe Photoshop and entry level export capabilities for AI file format without requiring Adobe Illustrator. Aspose.PSD for .NET allows to create and edit the Photoshop files as well as... More information
VB.NET source file that contains an extension method that removes unwanted characters from a string according to a given include and/or exclude character mask. See also NuGet-package "SingleFile.VB.ExtString.ConvertAccents" to substitute accented characters through unaccented ones. Supported... More information