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ThinkGeo MapSuite
ThinkGeo.MapSuite is the ThinkGeo Map Suite SDK for .NET - Core Runtime. It provides geometries, data source, layers, styles, rendering, and low level functions for building GIS applications. It is the basic core dependency package across all of the MapSuite 10.0 product line. ** This is an... More information
NetFusion Mapping Plug-In
Plug-In providing process and structure for mapping objects. Provides extension point for specifying an open-source mapping library of choice.
Map Suite Desktop for Wpf - BareBone
This package allows you to add maps and perform GIS spatial operations within your WPF application. It provides classes to work with most GIS data formats, display popups, allow spatial drawing, manage projections, perform spatial operation and much more. Visit our website and wiki, link below, to... More information