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numl is a machine learning library intended to ease the use of using standard modeling techniques for both prediction and clustering
Encog is an advanced machine learning framework that supports a variety of advanced algorithms, as well as support classes to normalize and process data. Machine learning algorithms such as Support Vector Machines, Artificial Neural Networks, Genetic Programming, Bayesian Networks, Hidden Markov... More information
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  • state-machine
Hierarchical state machine with fluent definition syntax Features: * states and events can be defined with enums, strings or ints - resulting in single class state machines. * actions o on transitions o entry and exit actions * transition guards *... More information
Workflow Engine is a lightweight all-in-one component that enables you to add custom executable .NET and Java workflows of any complexity to any software, be it your own creation or a third-party solution, with minimal changes to existing code. Its core features are: - HTML5 visual designer.... More information
A fully extensible state machine. Its implementation effectively allows the possibility of creating an infinite number of states and/or inputs. It was created to support the Manatee Json project.
ML.NET AutoML: Optimizes an ML pipeline for your dataset, by automatically locating the best feature engineering, model, and hyperparameters