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DEPRECATED. This package exists only for backwards compatibility. If your project references this package ("Datadog.Trace.AspNet") or "Datadog.Trace.ClrProfiler.Managed", you can remove them both. .NET Core applications no longer require any NuGet package to enable automatic... More information
PSA: Sorry I'm no longer working on this project any more. But Erhan has given it a new home, so if you'd like to contribute and help him revive it, go and check it out at https://github.com/erhan0/aop SheepAspect is an AOP framework for .Net platform that is heavily inspired by AspectJ. It... More information
NLog is a powerful sophisticated Logger for wht whole CLR family (.NET, Mono...). but it lacks a fluent interface. This is a Fluent API for working with NLog which can replace XML configuration.
Instrumentation is provided using the event provider model. Events are notifications which you receive from the WCF application which can be a security event like password change, UI click events, or exception events like application level errors. These events are captured by the provider and routed... More information