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  • event handling
CVV.EventReducer allows you to graciously handle events with running times that exceed the time between the events being fired. See the GitHub repository to see how to use it.
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  • MVC Error Handling
Easy, non-configuration based, http error handling for Asp.Net MVC 3.
BubbleBugs offers to .NET developers a free API to smartly manage unhandled exceptions that occurred in their applications. Please, connect to www.bubblebugs.net for more informations.
A type for the classical try/catch statement that allows functional and bloat free error handling. Inspired by the Try type in Scala.
This facilitates UI and development work occurring almost simultaneously within the same codebase. UI developers write bindings to the ViewModel within their document markup (HTML), where the Model and ViewModel are maintained by developers working on the logic for the application.
Provides an automatic retry-backoff code execution mechanism, providing reliable, easy-to-implement transient fault handling.
A tool for informative exception handling for sitecore solutions per rendering basis. Documentation, explanation and screenshots are here http://vladimirhil.com/2015/11/15/sitecore-rendering-exceptions-handling. The source code is here: https://github.com/vhil/Helpfulcore