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使代码在编译期执行,以提升运行时效率。 SourceFusion 提供了一套编译期代码执行框架,以便将运行时可能耗时的操作提前到编译期执行。
This is a tool to avoid repeated recompilation. The assemblies are cached along with compiler info. For full documentation visit http://github.com/dcalance/GSOC17
Rxe by: slimmm
Rxe is a tool for developers using reflection and invoking methods, property read/write and constructors. Rxe precompiles these methods for each supported types so each call timing is very close to hard coded method invocation.
If it would be needed to generate files in runtime, these classes can be used in conjunction with the compilation utilities to compile the templates. The target is to have a system like the one used by ASP.NET to compile the Razor templates into class. If you need it you could use these class as... More information