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CoffeeScript compiler for Windows. With a HttpHandler, command-line tool and a .NET library. For ASP.NET projects: After installing this package, all .coffee files will be compiled on the fly by the HttpHandler and returned as JavaScript. Note: For production usage, it is recommened to... More information
Pavlov extends JavaScript testing framework QUnit with a rich, higher-level, Behavioral API. Note: The Mindscape Web Workbench (http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/2b96d16a-c986-4501-8f97-8008f9db141a) should be installed in order to use the CoffeeScript aspects of this package.
A native node.js-powered Bundler with integration with VS.NET extension + ASP.NET MVC or ServiceStack web projects. No added compile or runtime performance costs. Extremely fast and simple pure node.js/javascript solution to statically complie, minify and combine your websites .css,... More information
BundleTransformer.CoffeeScript contains one translator-adapter - `CoffeeScriptTranslator` (supports the CoffeeScript (http://coffeescript.org) version 2.4.0). This adapter makes translation of CoffeeScript code to JS code. Also contains the `CoffeeScriptAssetHandler` debugging HTTP handler, which is... More information