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.NET Implementation of Facebook Messenger Platform which is a toolbox for building bots. Messenger Platform API version: 3.1 Features: - Send text messages - Send text messages with quick replies - Send message templates - Setup bot profile (greeting etc.) - Broadcast messages - Parse messages... More information
NOTE: This is an optional package. Do not install, unless you're targeting Mono. A WebSocket# WebSocket client for DSharpPlus, for platforms that do not support native .NET WebSockets, such as Windows 7 or Mono.
The Microsoft Real-time Media Platform enables bots to interact with Skype and Microsoft Teams calls and Microsoft Teams meetings using real-time voice, video and screen sharing. This is an advanced capability which allows the bot to send and receive voice and video content frame by frame. The bot... More information
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  • twilio chat
Twilio Programmable Chat makes it easy for you to add chat features into your mobile applications without building or scaling a real-time backend