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QueryFilter provides way of providing complex filtering on IQueryable<> with dynamic expression trees. With one property, you can do multiple filters, ands, ors, contains, less than, not equals, etc for anything that implements IQueryable. This also applies to Entity Framework. You also get the... More information
Unify is an automatic configurator IoC container via annotations. It is based on the principle of separation of layers and can detect injections forbidden dependencies.
Provide easy access to automatic generated git version string during compile time. Please make sure to keep the following things in mind: - On installation your PreBuildEvent is replaced by a "git describe" command that writes it's output to a file. - Your project must be inside a git repo during... More information
Convert a project into a NuGet package. Install Fosol.NuGetWrapper and compile your project. MSBuild will automatically create a 'Package' folder within your build target folder which will contain your NuGet package.