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Wrappers for JavaScript alert(), confirm() and other flexible dialogs using Twitter's bootstrap framework. Bootbox.js requires jQuery 1.12.4 or greater, and Bootstrap 3.3.7 or greater. Some options require Bootstrap 4.
Logify Alert is a cloud service that catches unhandled exceptions in your applications and delivers crash reports. The service provides two approaches to catching exceptions. 1) Automatic listening to unhandled exceptions, and sending reports for each exception that has been raised. 2) Catching... More information
Are you tired of recreating the same about dialog logic and content for each Windows Phone app every time? "Your Last About Dialog" is a robust and generic, highly configurable implementation you can easily pull into your own app and set up for your needs. It is able to pull most data from your... More information
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  • Dialog Fuchs
Ein generisches Dialog Fenster. Verhalten und Erscheinungsbild sind sehr detailiert anpassbar. Argumente können mit oder ohne Typ- Einschränkungen übergeben werden. Im Falle eines boolschen Wertes, werden CheckBox Elemente generiert. Einem boolschen Wert können sub- Argumente übergeben werden,... More information