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  • WordPress XML-RPC
A C# library for interacting with the WordPress XML-RPC API under .NET Core 2.1 .NET Core 2.0 and .NET Standard 2.0 Uses the Kveer.XmlRPC port of CookComputing.XmlRPC to support .NET Core. No other dependencies.
WordPressReaderStd aims to simplify development of WordPress reader apps. It is written and compiled with .netStandard 2.0 as of version 1.3 for compatibility reasons.
CryptSharp (Official Version)
CryptSharp provides a number of password crypt algorithms - BCrypt, LDAP, MD5 (and Apache's htpasswd variant), PHPass (WordPress, phpBB, Drupal), SHA256, SHA512, and Traditional and Extended DES. Additionally it includes Blowfish, SCrypt, and PBKDF2 for any HMAC (.NET's built-in PBKDF2... More information