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Just the Ruby (Sass, SCSS) parts of SassAndCoffee. Useful for embedding in other projects.
Memory Player
Memory Player is a lonely AngularJS module that is written in TypeScript and seeking to befriend musicians. Asked if Memory Player has the qualities of a good friend it replied, "No. A best friend." These qualities include page-to-page continued audio playback, support for playlists, and... More information
LibSass Host Native for Linux (x64)
This package complements the LibSassHost package and contains the native implementation of LibSass version 3.6.1 for Linux (x64). This package is only compatible with .NET Core.
Motion UI (Sass)
Motion UI is a standalone Sass library for creating CSS transitions and animations from your friends at ZURB. Originally integrated into Foundation for Apps, the code is now a standalone library, and is used by Foundation for Sites and Foundation for Apps. This package contains the full Sass... More information
Bootstrap Mobile Nav
Mobile Nav extends Twitter Bootstrap, the popular Front-end framework. Mobile Nav supports Bootstrap 3 and 4, enables full screen nav display, and maximizes click area in the mobile state, keeping site navigation fat finger free. Installs with SCSS and Less source. Has mixin for nav dropdowns and... More information
Halide Tools for ASP.NET/MVC
A treasure trove of useful extension methods, helpers, and tools for ASP.NET and MVC. Halide includes extension methods for manipulating base types (like strings, byte arrays, numerics), and static helper classes for HTTP and REST helpers, SQL data readers, security and encryption, file compression,... More information
Carbide Tools for Umbraco
A treasure trove of useful extension methods, helpers, and tools for Umbraco CMS. Carbide includes: extension methods for manipulating IPublishedContent objects, WebAPI routes for file handling, Umbraco dashboard tools to speed development, additional form field validators, and static helper... More information
Sass bundling for Microsoft ASP.NET Web Optimization Framework
SassBundle for use Sass css scripts using Microsoft ASP.NET Web Optimization Framework. Used libsass - C++ implementation of Sass compiler.
Sass for ASP.NET
Set of packages to support Sass css compilation in ASP.NET web applications. Includes http handler to handle scss files and bundling for Microsoft ASP.NET Web Optimization Framework.