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.NET implementation of an RDB2RDF storage based on R2RML mapping file
LINQtoSPARQL is specific LINQ to SPARQL. Dynamically scaffolds SPARQL queries by using LINQ style. Built on top of DynamicSPARQL project https://github.com/Efimster/DynamicSPARQL/wiki. Please visit project wiki pages https://github.com/Efimster/LINQtoSPARQL/wiki .
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  • last updated 5/26/2018
  • Latest version: 0.5.0-beta
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A C# implementation of R2RML, which allows creating R2RML and converting relational data to RDF using the .NET Framework
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  • Latest version: 1.0.2
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RdfMapperNet is a .NET library to map classes to RDF triples.