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Simple,lightweight,easy to expand pager for asp.net mvc and asp.net core. I'm so sorry that this package no longer maintains,please migrate to WeihanLi.AspNetMvc.MvcSimplePager.
Asp.Net MVC Grid with Ajax CRUD opeartions and also supports Search, Change Page size and Paging. User can add toggle buttons like Activate/Deactivate with jQuery Modal Popup in rows
A very simple ASP.NET Pager Control to be used with WebForms. Check the Demo at http://webformspagernet.azurewebsites.net/
一个易用,强大的jquery分页插件。 适用多种分页场景,有详细的说明文档。 不管你信不信,反正我是信了。 BUG反馈邮箱:40799225@qq.com