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Flatwhite.WebApi is an high performance output cache library for WebApi with VaryByParam (on action method) and VaryByHeader support, facilitate usages of cache control and HTTP Cache-Control Extensions for Stale Content. It auto refreshes the stale content so the action method call will never wait.... More information
In .Net 4.6.2, asp.net enables developer plug in async version of OutputCache module which is a good fit for the non-in-memory OutputCache data store. This OutputCache provider can use both CosmosDB(table model) and Azure storage table as the data store and leverages async operation to provide... More information
Flatwhite is an AOP library with MVC and WebAPI ActionFilter style using Castle dynamic proxy. You can create MethodFilterAttribute to add custom logic to any methods as soon as it is interceptable by Castle Dynamic Proxy. Flatwhite has 1 built-in OutputCacheFilter to cache method result which can... More information