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  • Latest version: 4.1.0-beta1
  • Tesseract Ocr
Adds support for interop with System.Drawing to Tesseract such as passing Bitmap to Tesseract.
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  • OCR Windows 10
A control for Windows 10 universal apps to mark sections on an image by e.g. pen and then run optical character recognition (OCR) on the marked section. See project url for details. Consider this as sample, take the source on github as inspiration, praise and recommend it to others.
Use this library with the Atalasoft OCR library to add the RecoStar engine to the useable engines. See the following KB article for additional details on RecoStar deployment: http://www.atalasoft.com/KB/article.aspx?id=10325
Installs tessnet2, including the tesseract OCR library & the English language files into a project. It depends on the MSBuild.NugetContentRestore package, so that you can ignore the installed files in your VCS; they will be restored like assembly references. This package includes the... More information