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UWP class library providing a simple HTTP(S) server for publishing dynamic content and services, managing user authentication based on a customizable set of users and privileges. Supports the WebSocket protocol.
Sbatman.Networking is a lightweight and easy to use networking abstraction library. Offering easy packet building and handeling. It also offers easy client server connectivity management. This is a .net standard 2.0 project
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A networking library for C#, focusing on performance and built on top of SocketAsyncEventArgs.
Fracture is an F# based socket implementation for high-speed, high-throughput applications. It is built on top of SocketAsyncEventArgs, which minimises the memory fragmentation common in the IAsyncResult pattern.
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Extremely fast binary serializer with tons of features. Full reference persistence (including circular references), polymorphism, zero-allocations, can handle readonly fields, delegates, 'KnownTypes' list for whitelisting and optimization in network scenarios... checkout the github page for a... More information
NetworkComms.Net is a high performance cross-platform network library written in C#, with the purpose of being used in all .NET Framework compatible languages, C#, VB.Net, F#, J#, C++/CLI etc. Applications using this network library can be deployed on iOS, Android, WP8, Linux and Windows based... More information