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Toolkit for Windows phone 8.1 --------------------------------- - Flipview with incremental loading, - Collection for lazy loading, - Flipview indocatior, - Slideshow integration in flipview, - HTML Textblock (HTML VIEWER), - Rating control from Windows phone toolkit, - WrapPanel from Windows... More information
Easily and quickly create custom loading images by animating an svg using the AnimateImg function.
  • 781 total downloads
  • last updated 1/5/2017
  • Latest version: 1.0.0
  • loading spinner
Display partial spinning loading icon on your view with keeping your page clean.
Represents a strongly typed collection of objects that can be accessed by index. Supports out of the box: Supports observability and incremental loading. Observability: all changes inside in the collection are observed by binding clients. Incremental Loading: supports collection items paging by... More information
BlazorSpinner is a loading spinner that can be included in Blazor applications. It has a simple service that can be called to "show" or "hide" the spinner.