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Provides support for simple fluent logging that is lazily evaluated/printed when enabled.
Easily and quickly create custom loading images by animating an svg using the AnimateImg function.
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Utilities for lazy loading and separating values into storage. Very useful for message queues which have a limited size per message
Provides some Dictionaries, that generate their values on requst unsing a factoy. The dictionaries are not thread safe. The dictionary used different caching techniques like CacheAll, WeakReferences and AccesBases cached,
A dynamic lazy proxy is a class built in real time, that implemenets some interface T, takes to the constructor an argument Lazy of T and routes all invocations to the corresponding method or property of this argument. The real instance wrapped by Lazy of T is created only after the first invocation... More information
Lazy.js it a utility library for JavaScript, similar to Underscore and Lo-Dash but with one important difference: lazy evaluation (also known as deferred execution). This can translate to superior performance in many cases, especially when dealing with large arrays and/or "chaining" together... More information
Project Composite introduces extensions that make building sequence-based composite data processing solutions seamless and easy. It has interfaces specifically tailored for C# and F# use.