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Jayrock JSON is a versatile JSON parser, formatter and converter for Microsoft .NET Framework.
ASP.NET Core MVC features that use Newtonsoft.Json. Includes input and output formatters for JSON and JSON PATCH. This package was built from the source code at https://github.com/aspnet/AspNetCore/tree/80fec4e3edea3972e95885f5c0db6ee06072f917
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Simple JSON parser/encoder for .NET and Mono.
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Package Description
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Nethereum JsonRpc.Client core library to use in conjunction with either the JsonRpc.RpcClient, the JsonRpc.IpcClient or other custom Rpc provider
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  • JSON Serializer
A .Net library to handle conversions from and to JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) strings. Written in C#, and it’s intended to be small, fast and easy to use. It's quick and lean, without external dependencies.