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NCache SDK OpenSource 5.0.0
90% of features are OpenSource. NCache is an extremely fast and scalable in-memory distributed cache that removes performance bottlenecks related to data storage and databases. NCache lets you cache your application data for different .NET applications. This NCache SDK 5.0.0 NuGet package is... More information
SimpleHelpers.MemoryCache (C# - Source file)
Simple lightweight object in-memory cache, with a background timer to remove expired objects. Fast in-memory cache for data that are expensive to create and can be used in a thread-safe manner. All stored items are kept in concurrent data structures (ConcurrentDictionary) to allow multi-thread... More information
Biggy is a Fast, In-Memory, Synchronized Document/Relational Query Tool for .NET - This package contains the interfaces and base classes used by concrete implementations.
NCache ASP.NET Framework Session State Provider for NCache OpenSource Edition
90% of features are OpenSource. Deploys the NCache Session State Provider in an ASP.NET web application for .NET Framework. The services include complete session management module to replace the default ASP.NET Framework session management with additional NCache exclusive features such as session... More information
GetCache Server
GetCache is a distributed in-memory cache that supports data sharding on multiple nodes and data replication. Nodes can be added and removed to the cluster without causing service interruptions. GetCache stores any type of data, objects can be serialized using JSON or XML, raw object like images or... More information