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Provides the missing KeyValuePair.Create static method, following the same approach as the Tuple.Create one to avoid having to type the generic argument parameters and leverage type inference instead: i.e. KeyValuePair.Create("max", 25) creates a KeyValuePair<string, int>.
A generic, concurrent, portable and flexible Object Pool for the .NET Framework. It is completely based on the Code Project article of Ofir Makmal (http://goo.gl/4qig6T). Library is production ready and it is successfully working in real life systems. Original source code has been modified, in order... More information
A concurrent data manager that gives IUnitOfWork repositories for each of your entities. Each one gives you One, All, Count, Exists, Add, Update, Delete with single or bulk
Extends the Microsoft.AspNet.OData package to provide built in controllers with support for all OData functions for WebAPI. Just register an IODataProvider with Unity,