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***PLEASE INSTALL SUPPORTING APPLICATION*** You must install DevBox app to support ErrorClicker: http://install.brandless.info/devbox/publish.htm DevBox's ErrroClicker Makes clickabe links to jump straight to offending code in Visual Studio from ASP.NET exceptions.
ErrLog.IO is a .Net and Javascript exception and error logging tool - collecting errors from your applications and providing developers with a full stack and environment output to help diagnose the cause of any .Net error. Learn more about Errlog.IO at https://www.errlog.io/
Serialization of Exceptions project contains common classes for DTO purposes during exceptions serialization and deserialization in an exception handling. In case of a business error, the DTO BadRequestError reflect CoreException properties that can be displayed externally; in case of a system... More information
Exceptions project contains base exception and typed exception that you can use in order to throw errors known to the domain. In a webapi, a handler will capture these errors and generate a formatted output.