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Syncfusion Export Office Chart/Graph to Image for UWP
Syncfusion OfficeChartToImageConverter is a .NET library that allows you to convert the PowerPoint charts to images in Universal Windows Platform applications without Microsoft Office dependencies. Documentation:... More information
Gnostice StarDocs SDK for .NET
Gnostice StarDocs is a Cloud-hosted / On-premises document-processing and document-viewing REST API for use across multiple platforms. StarDocs features document merge, split, encrypt/decrypt, text redact and conversion between PDF, Word and image formats. It also features a viewer API through which... More information
[Obsolete] GroupDocs.Text for .NET
This package is now obsolete and has been replaced by the GroupDocs.Text package. [Obsolete] GroupDocs.Text for .NET is a class library that extracts raw or formatted text from different document formats Key Features: - Covers most popular document formats: Microsoft Word, Open Office, Microsoft... More information
Using the IFilter interface to extract text from various document types. This package is not uploaded by the author, just fill the gap. You can vist author's article: https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/13391/Using-IFilter-in-C
Read text from Microsoft Office doc type format example: var text = new Doc().Parse("document.doc"); or string text; var isParsed = new Doc().TryParse(docBytes, out text);
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Document wrapper that simplifies document management with OpenXml
[Obsolete] GroupDocs.Editor for .NET
This package is now obsolete and has been replaced by the GroupDocs.Editor package. [Obsolete] GroupDocs.Editor is an UI/DB/platform agnostic engine that can be plugged in any of kind of HTML editor and allows you to edit different document formats in your .NET applications. Supported file... More information