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This library facilitates .NET developers to integrate with the VTEX Workspaces and Apps APIs given a HTTP request. It also provides an extended client to Workspaces API with additional methods for getting installed apps and their settings.
The api tokenizes the expression text and create a tree model from the tokens. Using the model, it can evaluate the expression or convert it to a expression of different format. Some applications revert the process by creating the model first and using it to generate certain expression such as a... More information
As in, "where is my...?" Adds a Context property to your Entity Framework entities that holds a reference to the original ObjectContext or DbContext from which the entity was created.
An enhancement to Specflow DSL to be able to use dynamic test data in specflow steps by bringing in variables, regular expressions and simple calculations. **Examples**: - Create dynamic test data and refer it in another step When enter [[var=50]] //assign 50 to a variable named "var" Then... More information
ORM based on Dapper.This Orm support more Db, You should in config write provider name. .Net 4.5+ High-performance,lightweight