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Command Line GUI includes a command line arguments parser library Fonlow.CommandLineGui.Core.dll for constructing .NET command line programs with complex arguments. You define a data model class decorated by some attributes for representing arguments. The core library will parse the command line... More information
CmdR is a simple command routing framework for console applications, giving you a simple way of routing commands to an Action which will perform your apps logic. This helps introduce a separation between your apps logic and the code to drive the input-parse-execute loop. CmdR works as a simple... More information
The Command Line Parser Library offers to CLR applications a simple programming interface for manipulating command line input. This library allows you to display an help screen with a good degree of customization. This API tries to keep on his shoulders all that is boring and repetitive to be... More information
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  • CLI C# Commandline
A thin helper layer to make Microsoft.Extensions.CommandLineUtils easier to work with
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  • CommandLine
Easy to build a cluster command in the format of "command.exe command.controller command.action command.options"
Command Line Parser for .NET Core written in .NET Standard 2.0. Configuration is done through a strongly typed option model class using attributes or a fluent API. Both can be used to configure the properties of the options class. This library allows to add commands with their own set of... More information
pargos by: adma
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A library to parse commandline arguments.
A framework for building command line application in F#. Supports command line option parsing, type-safe scanf, monadic command construction, automatic help & shell completion generation, and so on.
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  • commandline args
Easy to use library for parsing app arguments. Can parse args line like: a b=1 c:x=2;y="some info" source: https://subversion.assembla.com/svn/wbr-argparser/trunk