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DOTS Address Detective
Service Objects Address Detective web service utilizing fail over configuration and best practices. This service will be search various name, phone and address data sources to match an address that fits in with the given name, phone and address inputs. NOTE: In order to use this web service, a... More information
DOTS Address Geocode US
Service Objects DOTS Geo Coder US Libraries using best practices. This service can be used to provide latitude and longitude coordinates for a given US street address. If a street level match cannot be found, it will provide the next closest match available for the given input. NOTE: In order to use... More information
Geocoding.Net Yahoo! PlaceFinder Integration
Includes a model and interface for communicating with four popular Geocoding providers. Current implementations include: Google Maps, Yahoo! PlaceFinder, Bing Maps (aka Virtual Earth), and Mapquest. The API returns latitude/longitude coordinates and normalized address information. This can be used... More information
CAS Address Space Model Designer: CAS.UA.IServerConfiguration
The CAS.UA.IServerConfiguration library contains a shared interfaces for server configuration which UA applications can reference. The library provides an abstraction over any OPC UA server configuartion plug-in. Using the library allows an application to indirectly access the server... More information
DOTS Address Validation Canada 2
Service Objects DOTS Address Validation Canada V2 Libraries utilizing best practices and fail over configuration. This package can be used to validate and standardize a Canadian postal address. NOTE: In order to use this web service, a License Key is needed. To download a trial License Key with up... More information
DOTS Address Detective International
Our DOTS Address Detective - International API instantly identifies and corrects the country in your contact records. Leveraging hundreds of authoritative data sources, Address Detective - International performs a multi-point cross-comparison on a contact’s name, address, phone, email and IP... More information
DOTS Address Insight
DOTS Address Insight - US is a powerful, real-time API that provides address standardization, address geocoding, and regional demographics, all with a single call. Address Insight - US accesses proprietary databases to validate addresses, geocode locations to return lat-long coordinates and append... More information
DOTS Address Validation International
Service Objects Address Validation International Libraries utilizing best practices with fail over configuration. This service will take an international address as an input and returned a standardized address that is formatted per local standard. Depending on availability, this service can also... More information