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F# style discriminated unions or C#, using a custom type OneOf<T0, ... Tn> which holds a single value and has a .Match(...) method on it for exhaustive matching. Simple but powerful.
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  • last updated 3/2/2017
  • Latest version: 1.8.4
  • TypeScript
Generates TypeScript interfaces from .NET classes. This package contains only binaries without T4 templates.
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  • last updated 10/25/2019
  • Latest version: 2.0.2
Provides a huge two-way mapping of file extensions to mime types and mime types to file extensions.
TypeScript Definitions (d.ts) for d3. Generated based off the DefinitelyTyped repository [git commit: 938158616b798dee483b64f13dcfc56894940e03]. http://github.com/DefinitelyTyped