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Working with .netcore applications on Heroku, you have to manually update appsettings.json file from Heroku's Dashboard using environment variables. This package allows automatically getting all environment variables from Heroku and injects all variables (configurable) into the IConfiguration... More information
SimpleBlackboardConnect is a .NET Core class library that can be used to connect to Blackboard to obtain the Access Token to integrate your application with Blackboard and make API calls for CRUD operations. Visit the project site to get more info on usage.
Evaluator of user variables and more. Designed for SobaScript, E-MSBuild, and so on. Platforms: netstandard2.0;net40 Used in SobaScript, E-MSBuild, vsSolutionBuildEvent, vsCommandEvent, ... https://github.com/3F ======================================= gnt... More information
Advanced Evaluator of MSBuild scripts aka Advanced MSBuild with user-variables support through Varhead and more. https://github.com/3F/E-MSBuild (name = " - Platform is a (Platform) ") (name += ( …:project )) (i += 1) / (i -= 1) / (name += "str") (( …:( … )))... More information