dotnet-testx 1.4.1

# dotnet-testx

Extensions to the `dotnet test` command that enable code coverage reporting using [OpenCover]( and a few other bonus features

NOTE: Due to OpenCover being Windows only, this tool will only work on Windows

## Features

1. Run `dotnet test` with code coverage tracking by OpenCover
1. Generate cobertura covberage results (useful for VSTS/TFS coverage reporting). Uses [OpenCovertToCobeturaConverter](
1. Generate an HTML coverage report using [ReportGenerator](
1. Discover all test projects in a folder and run tests for all of them (not natively supported by `dotnet test`)

_The coverage and reporting tools are not bundles into this tool. They need to be installed as dependencies on the project that you're running this on._

Currently assumes the dependencies are located in `%userprofile%/.nuget/packages/opencover/<versionspec>/tools/OpenCover.Console.exe`

## Installation

The tool is installed as a global dotnet tool (.net Core 2.1+)

`dotnet tool install -g dotnet-testx`

## Usage

`dotnet testx --help`

 --discover-projects         Discover all files in the working directory
                             matching the pattern and run tests on them. Alias
                             for '--project all'

 --project                   Project to test. If you specify 'all' then it
                             will find all projects in the folder and
                             subfolders matching '*Tests.csproj'

 --opencover-version         Optional OpenCover version.

 --html                      (Default: false) Generate an HTML report

 --browser                   (Default: false) If generating an HTML report,
                             open in the default browser

 --cobertura                 (Default: false) Generate a cobertura report

 --test-results-format       (Default: trx) The format to use for the VSTest
                             test results

 --opencover-filters         (Default: +[*]*) Filters for opencover, i.e.
                             files to include/exclude from report

 --opencover-mergeresults    (Default: true) Merge multiple runs into the same
                             results file

 --verbose                   (Default: false) Log more verbose details of
                             whats happening

 --help                      Display this help screen.

 --version                   Display version information.


## Tip

In .net core 2.1 onwards, you can run this as part of dotnet watch

`dotnet watch` requires it own project argument so it knows which files to watch
Use -- to separate `dotnet watch` arguments from `dotnet testx` arguments

`dotnet watch --project [project-file] testx -- [dotnet testx arguments]`

This will re-run your tests and update the coverage reports on each file change. You can then keep a browser window open and just refresh the coverage report to ensure your changes are improving coverage.

There is a newer version of this package available.
See the version list below for details.
dotnet tool install --global dotnet-testx --version 1.4.1
This package contains a .NET Core Global Tool you can call from the shell/command line.

Release Notes

Initial release

  • .NETCoreApp 2.1

    • No dependencies.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.6.0 303 4/4/2019
1.5.1 379 8/7/2018
1.5.0 201 8/2/2018
1.4.5 201 7/13/2018
1.4.4 215 7/13/2018
1.4.3 198 7/13/2018
1.4.2 243 7/13/2018
1.4.1 220 7/13/2018
1.4.0 231 7/13/2018
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