Cake.Frosting.Template 4.0.0

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dotnet new install Cake.Frosting.Template::4.0.0
This package contains a .NET Template Package you can call from the shell/command line.


Cake (C# Make) is a build automation system with a C# DSL to do things like compiling code, copy files/folders, running unit tests, compress files and build NuGet packages.

Table of Contents

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You can read the latest documentation at

For a simple example to get started see Setting up a new project.


So you’re thinking about contributing to Cake? Great! It’s really appreciated.

Make sure you've read the contribution guidelines before sending that epic pull request. You'll also need to sign the contribution license agreement (CLA) for anything other than a trivial change. NOTE: The .NET Foundation CLA Bot will provide a link to this CLA within the PR that you submit if it is deemed as required.

  • Fork the repository.
  • Create a branch to work in.
  • Make your feature addition or bug fix.
  • Don't forget the unit tests.
  • Send a pull request.

Get in touch

Follow @cakebuildnet

Join the chat at


Copyright © .NET Foundation, Patrik Svensson, Mattias Karlsson, Gary Ewan Park, Alistair Chapman, Martin Björkström, Dave Glick, Pascal Berger, Jérémie Desautels, Enrico Campidoglio, C. Augusto Proiete, Nils Andresen, and contributors.

Cake is provided as-is under the MIT license. For more information see LICENSE.


A big thank you has to go to JetBrains who provide each of the Cake Developers with an Open Source License for ReSharper that helps with the development of Cake.


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Code of Conduct

This project has adopted the code of conduct defined by the Contributor Covenant to clarify expected behavior in our community. For more information see the .NET Foundation Code of Conduct.

Contribution License Agreement

By signing the CLA, the community is free to use your contribution to .NET Foundation projects.

.NET Foundation

This project is supported by the .NET Foundation.

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Version Downloads Last updated
4.0.0 4,932 11/18/2023
3.2.0 1,179 11/10/2023
3.1.0 2,199 7/9/2023
3.0.0 2,557 11/8/2022
2.3.0 1,787 10/14/2022
2.2.0 2,452 4/14/2022
2.1.0 1,482 2/20/2022
2.0.0 1,747 11/30/2021
2.0.0-rc0002 2,584 11/27/2021
2.0.0-rc0001 1,405 11/7/2021
1.3.0 1,690 10/7/2021
1.2.0 1,648 8/29/2021
1.1.0 3,892 3/6/2021
1.0.0 1,605 2/7/2021
1.0.0-rc0003 1,454 1/29/2021
1.0.0-rc0002 1,629 12/20/2020
1.0.0-rc0001 1,370 11/5/2020
0.38.5 2,058 9/21/2020
0.38.4 1,675 7/15/2020
0.38.2 1,648 6/26/2020
0.37.0 1,833 2/10/2020
0.36.0 1,725 1/23/2020
0.35.0 1,604 10/27/2019
0.34.1 1,995 7/31/2019
0.33.0 2,033 4/9/2019
0.32.1 1,930 4/9/2019
0.31.0 2,358 12/14/2018
0.1.0-alpha0070 3,473 7/25/2017
0.1.0-alpha0058 2,960 3/9/2017
0.1.0-alpha0056 2,357 3/9/2017

4266 Update LatestPotentialBreakingChange to 4.0.0.
4132 Add File APIs for setting timestamps (creation time, last write time, last access time).
4250 Update System.Collections.Immutable to 8.0.0.
4260 Unzip alias should support overwrite files.
4251 Update System.Reflection.Metadata 8.0.0.
4249 Update Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection to 8.0.0.
4197 Execution of Cake script fails if an addin defines an alias that uses nullable reference types in its signature.
4150 Cake script is contributing unactionable diagnostics in VS Code Problems pane.